What did I expect walking into the latest M. Night Shyamalan?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  The last time I really enjoyed a M. Night movie was way back when Unbreakable came out.  After that?  Signs?  Come on …the movie where the aliens could fly spaceships but couldn’t turn door handles?  And were afraid of water when our planet is COVERED IN WATER AND RAINS!?!?!?!  The Village I was digging a lot until we got to M. Night’s patented “twist” and…wow…how dumb was that twist?  How did they not know?  What did they think about airplanes flying overhead?

Lady in the Water?  Garbage.  The Happening?  Now this movie is legitimately funny.  If you want to laugh – get some alcohol, get some friends, and watch this movie.  They are LITERALLY running from the wind.  It is hilarious.  The Last Airbender?  It’s like he never watched the cartoon.  I didn’t even bother seeing After Earth since Jaden Smith’s face annoys me and critics quite ravaged it.  That brings us to The Visit – with two kids going to visit their grandparents for the first time.  Everyone was saying, “M. Night is back!”  For the first act I was slightly invested and the last 2/3 I was like, “M. Night is back…….into the garbage dump.”

With that track record I walked in with zero expectations.  Maybe less.  I expected another garbage film from M. Night.  The trailers for this looked cool.  James McAvoy looked like he was doing some decent acting.

Then I watched the film.  For the most part I liked most of the film.  I thought it very weird and creepy.  Then the ending came and I was blown away.  I was “Darth Vader is your father” blown away.  I was “Keyser Soze” blown away.  I was “Rosebud” blown away.

I immediately left the theater and told everyone who ever like early M. Night films to go see this movie right away.  M. Night had made not just a good movie but a great one.  Did it have “a twist”?  Not really AND absolutely.  It’s a paradox I know but M. Night finally made a film (that he only spend 5 million to make) he  that knocked my socks off.

The plot is very simple.  Three girls are about to get driven home from a party as a dad puts gifts in the back of a car.  Suddenly some strange man gets in the car and gasses them.  When they awaken they are locked in a room together.

Their captor comes and talks to them.  And comes again.  And again.  But each time he doesn’t come as himself.  He comes as someone else.  The dude has multiple personalities.  Is he “crazy”?  Well each separate personality is its own person.  The man is just mentally challenged.  23 different personalities.

The girls at first cower and cry but soon they try to fight back and try their best to fight their way out of their prison.  They all don’t want to die in some room somewhere.  Casey, one of the girls, seems more adept at dealing with this situation.  They flashback to some trauma early in her life and this seems to make her stronger in this situation.

There is also sees a psychologist named Dr. Fletcher who knows this man and his personalities pretty well.  One of the personalities keeps writing to her asking for help.  But when the man comes in it is a different personality – and he says everything is fine.

I had some questions throughout the film like would the Dr. be able to free the kids?  How?  She is some old lady.  How can some whacked-out dude afford some weird Saw like prison house to keep these kids in?  And was there something more sinister at work?

All my questions were answered.  And then some.

Where this movie goes is pretty dark.  I refuse to give ANYTHING away.  Will this be spoiled?  Absolutely.  I’m pretty sure by Tuesday people will be talking about why this movie is so good and why you should see it.  Then everyone will be like, “Oh!  That’s why Ryan said to go see it.”  But it shouldn’t have to be that way.  You should be able to not have something spoiled for you.  Simple as that.

I will say that James McAvoy does one HELL of a job acting in this.  He pulls off switching all of these different personalities like I was changing my clothes.  It takes one hell of an actor to be able to do all of this and he did it.  If this had come in late December I’d say it may have even been award show worthy.  Certainly a far cry from phoning it in with the latest X-Men movie.

If you liked M. Night’s Sixth Sense or Unbreakable – go see this movie now.  That’s all I can say.

As for me?  I can’t wait to see this movie one more time with open eyes.