Published by: Valiant Comics

Written by: Rafer Roberts

Art by: Darick Robertson and Richard Clark


First off – I’m behind.  I literally just reviewed Harbinger Renegade #1 and here is issue 3.  What’s the problem?  I missed issue 2 somewhere.  Not only does that leave me behind not only with the plot but I also don’t have the coupon that came with issue 2.  No coupon – no sending in for the mail-in only Harbinger Renegade #0.  AND I WANT THAT COMIC.  

I’m extremely happy that I was able to pick up this issue and not really feel like I missed too much without issue 2.  It starts off with a flashback at the Harbinger Foundation with Harada once again trying to activate the powers of some poor kid to horrific results.  But now we get to see our new baddie Alexander Solomon in action.  Except…Solomon doesn’t seem like that bad of a guy.  At all.  He seems to really care about what is going in within the foundation.  He is the polar opposite of Toyo and it makes him likable.  Sympathetic.  As Solomon seems to be the new antagonist of the series it is a great flashback to have at the start of this issue.  He shows off his humanity.

The rest of this issue is cause and effect, so to speak.  When Torque is attacked and put into the hospital, the rest of the Renegades crew have to come together.  Was Torque attacked because he is a celebrity?  Because of his past?  For some unknown reason?  The Renegades don’t know but they do know they have a friend in need.

Even though I missed issue 2 I still really like the fact that it took three issues to get this group back together.  And they are not back together as a team (at least not yet).  They are basically concerned friends who want to find out what the hell is going on.  And with the reemergence of Peter Stanchek that feat may be a bit easier.

THEN AGAIN – it may be a bit tougher than they thought.  I won’t get too in-depth.  Sometimes you just gotta shake off the rust.

I have no clue where Rafer Roberts is going with this first arc.  Especially with how he ends this issue.  If you are reading this and think you have it figured I’m pretty sure you are dead wrong.  Unless you went to Rafer’s house, got on his computer, and read what he plotted.  Beyond that – you just need to sit back and enjoy the amazing ride here.  This book just gets better and better.

Especially with Alexander Solomon.  He is a powerful man with an agenda.  He obviously has a plan for these young kids and thus far that plan is going smooth.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Can I once again say how brilliant it is having Darick Robertson on this book?  He is such a talent – his art is just that incredible.  I’ll also give credit to inker Richard Clark for making Darick look so damn good – but man – Valiant you need to keep this man happy and on this book.  He may be the best artist drawing Harbinger since David Lapham.  And that is saying something.