As a Jamiroquai fan it has been a long, dry spell.  Jamiroquai’s 7th album Rock Dust Light Star was released in 2010 and it was…less than stellar.  Especially coming off of their amazing album Dynamite.  RDLS had some great moments but I felt the band could have done better – ESPECIALLY since they now had “the freedom” of being away from their former label Sony.

As the years passed I wondered if the band was ever going to release anything ever again.  News on the Internet came to a halt and, as I live in America, we don’t see the everyday entertainment news that those see in the UK.

Word came that an album was coming last year but 2016 came and went.

BUT the Jamiroquai website went down for a rebuilding!  The bandmembers on Twitter and Facebook talked a bunch about the new album!  JamiroFan2000 kept fans up to date with YouTube videos and a dedicated Jamiroquai Reddit.

AND FINALLY we have an album name and a date.

Automaton.  March 31st, 2017.


There is yet to be official word on the title and the date but sellers around the world (including Amazon) are listing this as the title and date.  There is also no official track listing but sneaky snoopers have found what they think are the tracks to the albums already.  I won’t list them here.

TWO music videos have been recorded – though the days of dancing around on moving floors on MTV are long gone.  It’ll be interesting to see what they’ve cooked up, when they’ll be released, when the first single will be released, and how this album is received as a whole.

Now we all sit and wait.  More to come.