As a fledgling entertainment site the last thing I’d ever think about covering in our first week is a GoFundMe.

Now GoFundMe can sometimes be a great resource for those who truly need help.  BUT I once saw one set up because a guy wanted to move (and that’s not actually too bad of a reason…).  I saw a girl who wanted to get a marijuana tattoo taken off her forehead.  Locally I know of a girl who started a GoFundMe for surgery for her cat, took ALL of the money, and didn’t get the cat’s surgery.

But GoFundMe can be an amazing way to fund a lot of people who are actually and truly in need.  Someone who just had a GoFundMe set up was Ian Ferguson.

I don’t know Ian.  Never met the man.  Never talked to him.  But he has brought me countless hours of joy on the Internet.  As one-half of the Completely Unnecessary Podcast Ian and co-host Pat Contri talk the best (and worst) of gaming and entertainment.  The podcast is my favorite – I sung its praises already in my article about the Coleco Chameleon debacle.  The two are fearless, they can be funny, and they really know their shit.

Ian has also been a part of the Pat the NES Punk YouTube videos as a guy who works (owns?) in a game store and has an amazing story line that really goes off the rails in later episodes.  They were hilarious.  Ian was hilarious.  The Pat the NES Punk videos bring me such joy and Ian is such a great part of them.

A few weeks back Pat started hosting the CUPodcast by himself.  He really didn’t get into why Ian wasn’t there except it was health related.  While I follow Ian on Twitter I never really saw any updates until I saw this GoFundMe pop up.

Here’s the page:

Ian’s case hits close to home.  I remember screaming at the TOP OF MY LUNGS in a hospital with horrible pain – finding out that I needed emergency surgery to take out my gallbladder.  Even after having it taken out I’ve had different pains and problems that I won’t get into – but I’m lucky.  I have some great health insurance.

Ian doesn’t.  And in today’s horrible America not having insurance will RUIN you.  Ian talks the pains of his body and the pains on his bank account on the page.  It really just pisses me off…these services should be available to everyone and not have to worry about losing your life savings over being sick.  Unfortunately I’m sure it happens to millions of Americans each year.

I won’t sit here and gripe about our healthcare system.  I just wanted to take two seconds to present Ian’s page.  I’ve seen people donate money to people to make fucking egg salad.  I’m not sure why they did that.  I never gave to that crap.  But I’m going to give to Ian.  Because he seems like a great guy and he is in need.

And I wanted to share his page with anyone who is reading because what he is going through is horrible.  I know firsthand…it is fucking awful.

So if you have a moment, and perhaps a couple bucks, go visit Ian’s page.  I’m pretty sure he’ll appreciate it.

That page one more time is: