The word infectious is the only way to describe Gigi Rowe’s song Run the Night from her new EP Hello Gigi Rowe.  As of right now the song is not playing on every radio show every hour on the hour.  Actually it could be since I don’t listen to the radio much.  But everyone in the universe hasn’t heard it yet because no one is running around singing the lyrics.

That’s a huge shame because Run the Night may be one of the best dance songs ever created ever.  Don’t just take my dumbass words for it – the people over at Ubisoft knew what they had and put the song into their Just Dance 2017 game.


The EP is phenom and I find myself repeating Run the Night over and over again.  The final song South Beach Stars is another great dance song to get you off of your ass.  Actually so is the song I Love This Crush.  This album has dance dance dance all over it.  There is one song called Like the First Time that is WAY SLOWER but it’s a beautiful song and Gigi’s voice really comes out and shines.

This was the best four bucks I spent all year.

Jersey may have lost Gigi to Miami but Miami is probably going to lose Gigi to the world in the upcoming year.  One can only hope that a full length album is on the way that is even more kickass then this EP.