My name is Ryan McLelland and for many years I wrote for such publications as Newsarama, Ain’t It Cool News, Latino Review, (RIP), Digital Webbing, Comic Shop News, and various other places here and there.  I formerly hosted the radio show Electric Eclectic on 91.3 WTSR and R2HT on Gashouse Radio. I’ve written a few comic books and been in a few flicks.

After a not-so-brief sabbatical I am back with 2 Guys 1 Review – we’ll be reviewing the same old crap that everyone is already reviewing but as my loves are films, books, comic books, music, cartoons, and video games (especially retro games) that’s what we’ll focus on.

We are on FacebookVidme, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter so whatever I find in my journeys I’ll find a way to post somewhere.  Our Vidme and YouTube will be home to lots of interviews I’ve had over the years and lots of retro gaming stuff including my series “LET’S BADLY PLAY…” where I play the games from my past………pretty damn badly.

Thanks for joining us – there will be lots of great content to come!  Until our e-mail is set up feel free to reach us at:

Ryan “Irish Rican” McLelland


An extra special thanks to Mikey McAuliffe for all the know-how and support.  Thanks to Mikey Wood for our temp logo! And special thanks to Bernard Chang & Jim Valentino!!!